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Welcome to the traditional world of Aromatherapy and Massage
Spa Treatment
[Aro·ma·ther·a·py – noun – The use of volatile plant oils, including essential oils, for psychological and physical well-being]

Give your holiday a final touch of luxury and let us pamper you in our Alam Spa. After a hard day of either business or pleasure one deserves a bit of indulgence. Will it be the mind and body balancing aromatherapy bath in the quietness of your own room or a softening massage in the spa, or any other of our treatments? You are worth this extra relaxation.

Aromatherapy is an ancient form of healing which has been used as a natural therapy throughout the ages.

The uniqueness of Aromatherapy lies in its use of pure essential oils derived from flowers, fruits, trees, herbs and resins to balance the body, mind and spirit in the form of massage, inhalations and other methods.

These essential oils are very complex, powerful and effective – it is believed that the actual “life force” of the plant is present. The oils are readily absorbed through the skin which is why Aromatherapy Massage is so effective.

The following treatments are available at Highland Resort’s Alam Spa:

  • Foot Massage (Reflexology)
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Traditional Balinese Massage
  • Shiatsu Massage/Thai Massage
  • Body Treatment
  • Traditional Rice Scrub
  • Beauty Treatment: Natural Facial
  • Special Spa Package (180 minutes)
  • Men’s Package (150 minutes)
  • Lady’s Package (150 minutes)

Please note: Spa treatments need to be ordered in advance to make sure a therapist is available. Just talk to our staff.

Alam Spa
Alam Spa

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